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Personal Trainer Recipe – Fruit and Prosciutto Endive Boats


These yummy little fruit and prosciutto endive boats are great as appetizers, are fantastic on the BBQ, but work very well in a super hot oven as well.  The fruit softens and their natural sugars caramelize, which when combined with the salty, crispy prosciutto is just a divine combination ….. and a simple endive holds it all together quite beautifully.

Three ingredients:

  • Belgian endives (the larger the better)
  • Fruits (I use cantaloupe, peaches, pineapples, pears)
  • Super thinly sliced prosciutto

all three pieces

  1. Cut the thick end of endives so they can peel off individually.  Slice the fruits lengthwise to match the length of the endives.  Have your prosciutto slices separated and ready to roll around the endives.
    Rolled and ready
  2. Roll one slice of prosciutto tightly around the entire endive, starting from one end and wrap around as far to the other end to cover as much endive as possible.  Be firm with your wrapping technique.  You do not need a toothpick to keep them in place, as the prosciutto is quite sticky, and binds to itself.on the Q
  3. Get them on the grill.  They stay together quite well, but every now and then as the fruit shrinks, it may try to slide off the endive and try to escape. Flip them here and there to get the entire piece of prosciutto as crispy as you would like.  Just as with any bacon, some like it super crispy and some not as much.  Just make sure the fruit has had time to get really soft and juicy.  (alternatively place in an oven on the top shelf at 450 degrees until very crispy).cooked
  4. Be careful.  The fruit inside is very very hot at first.  Let them settle for a bit to let all the flavours fully incorporate.




Testimonial – Lisa S.


Testimonial – Lisa S.

Arleigh and The training Station for me are a great getaway from reality. It’s a place you can go and put everything behind you while focusing on yourself and your goals.

Arleigh helped my lower back in only one session. She pushes you to your limit and while doing it can make you laugh. She is a wealth of knowledge and I recommend her for whatever goals and aspirations you have. Now get going…just do it!! It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself!


Testimonial – Nazia K.

nazia-testimonial-personal-trainer-mississaugaI started training with Arleigh at my heaviest weight and within 6 months I lost over 45lbs! She knows how to train for different body types and give awesome nutritional plans that work for my taste. It was easy and enjoyable. Arleigh’s passion to motivate and help people gain their confidence as well as reach their goals is beyond amazing. I was extremely shy and didn’t want to walk into a gym but with Arlieigh’s personality and great energy at the PT Station, it was very comforting and welcoming. If your looking for a personalized plan to reach your fitness goals, Arleigh is your girl. Thank you Arliegh for your support, enthusiasm and kindness.

Testimonial – Susan B.

susan-testimonial-personal-trainer-mississaugaI started training with Arleigh 7 months ago with 3 of my dragonboat teammates. Every week, Arleigh pumped us up with killer core and cardio exercises using the bosu ball, Swiss ball, gymnastic rings, punching bags… you name it (every apparatus of torture!), and trained us on different weights and equipment. Arleigh made our gruelling workouts fun, varying them each week, working us on different muscle groups. I love our all-around workouts, as they provided excellent cross-training for my vigorous dragonboat and outrigger canoe training, running, and playing tennis. I strengthened my core, legs, and upper body, and gained more endurance. No one can do personal training better than Arleigh!

Testimonial – Susan H.


What I really love about Arleigh is that she is not just in it for a buck.  She really cares about you.  Her compassionate nature is second to none.  When I first started with Arleigh I was very low mentally and physically and she showed me that I wasn’t alone and that we were all in the same boat together and her encouragement as well as her immense knowledge truly was just what I needed to change my life around .  She created an awesome meal list for me specifically and I learned that not eating was the worst thing I could be doing and so I began to eat well again.  I am so thankful I cannot say enough.  She worked with me through various injuries as well, and oh yes, the massage chair…. what can I say?  I have lost quite a lot of weight and become so much stronger and my shoulder is basically cured and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

Susan H.

Testimonial – Sarah K


Testimonial – Sarah K

When I started training with Arleigh I was already in fairly good shape. I had career-specific goals – I needed to become a LOT stronger. The field in which I was entering is extremely competitive. A significant part of the career is being able to lift, carry and maneuver heavy weights (over 200 lbs) in and out of many different situations. I didn’t want to worry about my physical abilities and wanted not only to pass all the requirements for hiring, but wanted to be the best at my job, and keep up to the men as well. After training with Arleigh, I felt so confident and well prepared for testing and was looking forward to it. With Arleigh’s help I easily passed all of the maximum standards set for testing.  From day one of training, Arleigh had a specific plan in mind that focused on all sorts of aspects I hadn’t even thought of and I felt as though I could carry an elephant on my back if I had to.  I strongly recommend Arleigh for any sort of fitness training as she is very experienced and will do exactly what is right for you.  I am so thankful I invested in training with her!

Sarah K.

Testimonial – Nassem A.

nassem-testimonial-personal-trainer-mississaugaI started training with Arleigh after I saw the results my daughter had when training with her. I have sciatica and a lot of pain from work always thinking that weights would just cause more pain and injury. However Arleigh worked through my injuries, increasing my strength and stamina. I now feel very strong and my sciatic nerve pain has decreased dramatically. Arleigh trained me based on my needs, my age and was very patient. I especially enjoyed her nutritional advice with my unique diet. She is one trainer out of the many that I have had to give me results as well as making me feels very comfortable. Arleigh’s compassion, enthusiasm and kind heart is what makes her one of the very best trainers in the industry.

Testimonial – Irene G.

If you are interested in strengthening your body, if you have had pain/injuries and need to strengthen your muscles to manage the pain, if you are interested in changing your shape or form, then may I highly recommend trying a program with Arleigh Winokur at the Personal Training Station.

I suffered pack pain from the time I was 16, through adulthood into my 50’s, and after suffering herniation and degeneration in my lower disks, Arleigh eased me into a program that strengthened my core and gave me the confidence to attempt some fitness moves I never thought I could do, even as simple at touching my toes

I had a shoulder that kept randomly popping out of the socket, and that was very painful. Arleigh managed to create a series of exercises in a program that has completely fixed that situation; I haven’t popped my shoulder in over 4 years!

Arleigh is very serious about creating a program designed specifically to your needs, and she conducts each session of the program with professionalism, and a lot of humour! Truly, I did not want to miss one single class because I felt better with each session, and it was like training with an old friend.

There were many years of trying different places and programs with no success, always resulting in reinjury, but working out under Arleigh’s guidance has given me positive results that have lasted for years. When I left the PTS, she even provided me with a “maintenance program” I could work on at home to keep up the core strengthening.

I will be returning to the PTS, and I’m so looking forward to working with Arleigh once again because I know the results are well worth the time and effort with a seasoned professional that gets results and truly cares about the people she works with!

Testimonial – I cannot thank you enough!

Arleigh, I cannot thank you enough.  YOU are a Miracle Worker!!!!

I have no idea what you did to my knee, but, I was able to make it to the market, the cleaners, the car wash, the post office, made soup, made stir fry … before I crashed … lol

 Well, ok, I’m still sore and walking just with a vwey minimal limp … but honestly, the pain was so very much alleviated from what I was feeling all weekend after you manipulated the knee today!

 I really want to see you for more of those sessions on my knee, if you have .a half hour in your schedule at some point, really, honestly if I can come for some half hours.

 Tell me when you have an opening in your schedule and I’m there!

 Thank you so much, Arleigh … you are much more than the Personal Training Station … you always fix it, whether it’s psychotherapy, physiotherapy, whatever.

 Amazing!  Thank you again.

Colleen H.



Personal Trainer Recipe – Crunchy Cucumber Chicken Boats with Crispy Lotus Roots


Chop off ends and peel Lotus Roots. Then cut into 1/4 in slices.



Fry lotus root slices in a little oil until lightly browned (I always use Grape Seed Oil) . Flip them over after about 45 to 60 seconds as they cook quickly. Then set them onto a paper towel to soak up any excess oil. (Note: lotus chips crisp up nicely on the outside but remain moist on the inside, so that very oil penetrates). Lightly salt them if desired.




Chop up 2 cups roasted chicken breast meat. Toss in a bowl with the following:

1/8 cup finely chopped red onion

1/4 cup of each, chopped: bamboo shoots, celery, green peppers, broccoli.

Mix all together and season very well with salt and pepper


Add 4 TBSP’s Grape Seed or Olive Oil to the chicken and other ingredients and toss well to bind. Then add the following:

1 large rice cake (plain or otherwise) – crumbled in chunks

2/3 cup crumbled feta cheese


Toss all together well. Cut cucumber lengthwise in half, and remove all seeds. Hollow out as many as desired.


Fill the cucumber boats with chicken mixture.


Cut the lotus root chips in half and place along the top of the boat mixture and press down to hold everything together, then eat it like the crunchy delicious healthy breadless chicken salad sandwich that it is 🙂 Oh yaaaaaa!!



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