Testimonial – Irene G.

If you are interested in strengthening your body, if you have had pain/injuries and need to strengthen your muscles to manage the pain, if you are interested in changing your shape or form, then may I highly recommend trying a program with Arleigh Winokur at the Personal Training Station.

I suffered pack pain from the time I was 16, through adulthood into my 50’s, and after suffering herniation and degeneration in my lower disks, Arleigh eased me into a program that strengthened my core and gave me the confidence to attempt some fitness moves I never thought I could do, even as simple at touching my toes

I had a shoulder that kept randomly popping out of the socket, and that was very painful. Arleigh managed to create a series of exercises in a program that has completely fixed that situation; I haven’t popped my shoulder in over 4 years!

Arleigh is very serious about creating a program designed specifically to your needs, and she conducts each session of the program with professionalism, and a lot of humour! Truly, I did not want to miss one single class because I felt better with each session, and it was like training with an old friend.

There were many years of trying different places and programs with no success, always resulting in reinjury, but working out under Arleigh’s guidance has given me positive results that have lasted for years. When I left the PTS, she even provided me with a “maintenance program” I could work on at home to keep up the core strengthening.

I will be returning to the PTS, and I’m so looking forward to working with Arleigh once again because I know the results are well worth the time and effort with a seasoned professional that gets results and truly cares about the people she works with!