Testimonial – Susan H.


What I really love about Arleigh is that she is not just in it for a buck.  She really cares about you.  Her compassionate nature is second to none.  When I first started with Arleigh I was very low mentally and physically and she showed me that I wasn’t alone and that we were all in the same boat together and her encouragement as well as her immense knowledge truly was just what I needed to change my life around .  She created an awesome meal list for me specifically and I learned that not eating was the worst thing I could be doing and so I began to eat well again.  I am so thankful I cannot say enough.  She worked with me through various injuries as well, and oh yes, the massage chair…. what can I say?  I have lost quite a lot of weight and become so much stronger and my shoulder is basically cured and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

Susan H.