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Just ask any of Arleigh's personal training clients and they'll praise what she has done for them. Here are just a few of their stories. If you would like to know more, click the link for their

complete testimonial. We also have more testimonials from satisfied customers on file at the PT Station for you to see. Want to know what attendees of past courses had to say? Their testimonials are here.

Susan B.
I started training 7 months ago with 3 of my dragonboat teammates...I strengthend my core, legs and upper body, and gained more endurance. No one can do personal training better than Arleigh! Read Susan's full story more>


Vladan R.
I came to Arleigh in the worst shape of my life... Through her patience, knowledge, and understanding of exactly what my goals were I was able to achieve all of my goals... I highly recommend Arleigh as a personal trainer and nutritionist to anyone seeking to fully change their life around for the better. Read Vladan's full story. more>


Nancie A
I lost over 60 lbs with the help of Arleigh.  She knows how to give you a workout but the time flies by because of who Arleigh is.  Not only do you get a couple of decades worth of incredible experience and expertise but you get some who really cares and who becomes a friend. At 40, I am in the best shape of my life... Read Nancie's full story. more>


Nazia K.
I started training with Arleigh at my heaviest weight and within 6 months I lost over 45lbs! She knows how to train for different body types... Read Nazia's full story. more

Naseem testimonial of Arleigh Winokur


Naseem A.
I have sciatica and had a lot of pain
...Arleigh worked through my injuries, increasing my strength and stamina. I now feel very strong and my sciatic nerve pain has decreased dramatically. Read Naseem's full story. more>

Review of PT Station weigh loss program


A Family of fitness - Helen F.
Helen Fratton-MacDonald, her daughter Myranda and son Austin also rely on Arleigh Winokur's extensive personal training expertise. Read Helen's family wellness story. more>

Irene G.
If you are interested in strengthening your body, if you have had pain/injuries and need to strengthen your muscles to manage the pain, if you are interested in changing your shape or form, then may I highly recommend trying a program with Arleigh Wonokur at the Personal Training Station.more>