One on One Personal Training


Our one on one personal training sessions are perfectly individualized to reflect your needs. Depending on your current ability and goals, we focus on cardiovascular and muscular strength, endurance and power, as well as increasing your energy, balance, agility and flexibility depending on an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Hourly one on one personal training sessions are tailored to YOU, keeping in mind the specific focus and goals that we identify and agree on.

Whether you are an absolute beginner starting from scratch, or you have been exercising for some time but feel you are wasting time not seeing results, or perhaps you are in pretty good shape but want to take things “up a notch” and go from “good” to “amazing” and reach that elite level of fitness you have been craving.  Or maybe you are longing for a better physique or higher levels of energy, but your aches, pains or nagging injuries are preventing you from moving forward?  This is where Arleigh’s strength lies.  Her vast experience has resulted in her ability to focus in on exactly what each client needs, and the most efficient way of getting to that goal.

One on one personal training is the quickest way to achieve most fitness goals, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete. No matter what your focus, we know you will get results, and we guarantee a lot of fun in the process. Literally the best personal training in Mississauga.