Small Group Training

097  It’s well known that, for many of us, small group training is a great motivator. For one, it’s a social thing and many people feel a little less intimidated when they have someone else who is in the same boat, along for the ride.

Arleigh Winokur is an authority on semi-private and small group training as she has over 20 years of experience dealing with groups of all sizes.

If you have a friend, spouse or family member you would like to train with, Arleigh has enough experience to be able to keep things reasonably focused on each individual, so you don’t have to worry if you and your workout companions are not at the same levels of ability.  You can rest assured that Arleigh will be able to size up everybody in your group so that nobody is left behind, and that nobody feels they were held back.

We also welcome groups for periodic sessions.  For instance you might be part of a dragonboat team, or perhaps you do marathons/triathalons or play soccer or curling or golf and you want to show up every now and then with your teammates to “shake things up” a bit or simply address some of the imbalances your sport is causing to your body.  “Once in a while” sessions are always welcome!