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Testimonial – Helen, Myranda & Austin

helen-testimonial-personal-trainer-mississaugaHelen writes: Arleigh has attended both myself and my daughter MJ on and off for about 8 years. Her commitment to achieving the best results is first class.

I have had extensive joint injuries and numerous surgical procedures with long-term negative results orthopedically with some muscles and tendon damage. Arleigh has helped me with my pain management leading to rehabilitation and off pain medications.

Testimonial – Sebastian


IMG_20151105_203958Testimonial – Sebastian:   Arleigh has a superior knowledge of anatomy and body  mechanics when it comes to training.  It is an absolute pleasure training with her as she teaches me new things every day.  With her knowledge of anatomy and how to address muscle imbalances she has helped me break plateaus and reach new heights in athleticism in a short period of time. Arleigh has also helped coach me through various soft tissue issues that can develop with high-volume training, and that has been extremely valuable to me. Her knowledge of functional training has been very interesting to me from an educational standpoint.  Highly recommended if you want to break plateaus and learn something new every single session.  

Sebastian test

Testimonial – Nancie A.


I lost over 60 lbs with the help of Arleigh. She knows how to give you a workout but the time flies by because of who Arleigh is. Not only do you get a couple of decades worth of incredible experience and expertise but you get some who really cares and who becomes a friend. At 40, I am in the best shape of my life thanks to her dedication passion and inspiration to give her my all during that hour. I trust her and would recommend her to anyone for one-on-one or even small group (2 or 3) people of any fitness level. She really is an incredible trainer and an even better person.

Testimonial – MJ


Testimonial – MJ

In 2007 I was in introduced to Arleigh Winokur by my Mom, Helen Fratton-MacDonald who also trains with her.  Since then I have been honored to have Arleigh as my personal trainer.

Arleigh has not only helped my core and other important elements but also gave insight on what will and what will not work for my body, including a detailed work out and nutrition plan to keep me on track the days I do not see her. Arleigh works with me one on one to guide me and show me exactly what I need to do to achieve my fitness goals. The PT Station is truly like a second home to me, as Arleigh makes it feel so friendly and comfortable, and with a positive and professional environment.

Arleigh has taught me so much.  If I hadn’t met her I may not have been on the path I am now mentally and physically.  She helped me so much with finding myself.  Arleigh, I owe you a lot.  MJ