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vladan-testimonial-personal-trainer-mississaugaI came to Arleigh in the worst shape of my life. I had been physically active for all of my youth and then the last couple of years really let myself go. With a slowing metabolism and a not so slowing appetite my body weight, self image and energy levels truly suffered.

I cannot put into words what Arleigh’s expertise gave me. Through her patience, knowledge, and understanding of exactly what my goals were I was able to achieve all of my goals and learn so much about the art of working out and proper diet.

It is because of Arleigh’s method that I today have not only a body that I am proud of, but that I feel better than I ever have from the inside. I highly recommend Arleigh as a personal trainer and nutritionist to anyone seeking to fully change their life around for the better. Just one bit of advice: GET READY TO WORK!!!

Terry Barrett (R.I.P.)


I’ve been a certified PT since 2012 and I’ve never seen training this effective. Arleigh helped me achieve so much with her boundless knowledge of biomechanics and vast experience.  This is where to come to get what you need and learn what you don’t know.