Personal Trainer Recipe – Fruit and Prosciutto Endive Boats


These yummy little fruit and prosciutto endive boats are great as appetizers, are fantastic on the BBQ, but work very well in a super hot oven as well.  The fruit softens and their natural sugars caramelize, which when combined with the salty, crispy prosciutto is just a divine combination ….. and a simple endive holds it all together quite beautifully.

Three ingredients:

  • Belgian endives (the larger the better)
  • Fruits (I use cantaloupe, peaches, pineapples, pears)
  • Super thinly sliced prosciutto

all three pieces

  1. Cut the thick end of endives so they can peel off individually.  Slice the fruits lengthwise to match the length of the endives.  Have your prosciutto slices separated and ready to roll around the endives.
    Rolled and ready
  2. Roll one slice of prosciutto tightly around the entire endive, starting from one end and wrap around as far to the other end to cover as much endive as possible.  Be firm with your wrapping technique.  You do not need a toothpick to keep them in place, as the prosciutto is quite sticky, and binds to itself.on the Q
  3. Get them on the grill.  They stay together quite well, but every now and then as the fruit shrinks, it may try to slide off the endive and try to escape. Flip them here and there to get the entire piece of prosciutto as crispy as you would like.  Just as with any bacon, some like it super crispy and some not as much.  Just make sure the fruit has had time to get really soft and juicy.  (alternatively place in an oven on the top shelf at 450 degrees until very crispy).cooked
  4. Be careful.  The fruit inside is very very hot at first.  Let them settle for a bit to let all the flavours fully incorporate.